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We offer a wide assortment of tin soldiers, mostly from the Middle Ages. Each of tin soldiers is made in the most popular collecting scale 1:32 (54mm), made of tin alloy. All the production is Slovak hand-made: model production, form making, casting and painting. Emphasis is placed on the heraldry. All the coats of arms on the shields of tin soldiers are authentic, corresponding to the historical facts. Coats of arms belongs to noble families were living on territory of today´s Slovakia. We believe, that our tin miniatures make you happy and you enjoy the ineterest in history and collectibles.  


The Vikings are the forefathers of today's Danes, Norwegians and Swedes in the so-called Viking period (800 - 1066), characterized by conquest voyages from Scandinavia to Britain and Denmark, Iceland, in Greenland, North America and elsewhere. 
Norwegian Vikings settled in Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. From Greenland to get to North America long before Columbus. In addition, participated in the Danish Viking expeditions. 
Danish Vikings captured the eastern half of England, the troops sailed up the River Seine to Paris and another in Ireland. 
Swedish Vikings (Variagans), who are already in the 7th and 8 a century dominated the eastern Baltic region (Grobina), especially as traders penetrated the rivers in Eastern Europe, where he met with Slavic and Arab merchants (such as the Volga River), treated themselves or to the territory of the Byzantine Empire (were bodyguards of the Byzantine emperors ) and the Arabic world. Part of their more or less ruled part of Russia to Kiev and the Black Sea, attacked Constantinople. Also invaded the Muslim Iberian Peninsula and deep into the Mediterranean Sea. In most Western historians are Variagans founders of the state of Kievan´s Russia, the majority of Russian historians rejected that argument. more...

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